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 Practices will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's after school.
 In order to play, your son MUST be in very good physical shape; making practice is key.
Players are NOT allowed to drive to away matches. Parents MUST fill 
the function of drivers or the team cannot go to away matches.

Committees to Join

The following committees are operated by parents of the players. The team CANNOT function without your support. The team's parent’s volunteers give freely of their time, energy & money to support the Shanahan rugby program. Everyone is welcome to join an existing committee or to start a new one, if one is required.  

  Please note: no volunteer is paid; coaches or committee chairs.  

Program Head:   Greg Karabin -

Committee Chair:  Karen Scheuermann* -
Terry Manning effective June 2019

                Medical:2018/19- Rose/Chris Venuto Co- Chairs.  Game day responsibility Now the responsibility of a contracted Athletic Trainer with support from Co-Chairs.

Home Tent Chair: Maureen Pappas

Field Maintenance:  Mike Ciliberti -

Coaching: Greg Karabin - 
Mark Shaeffer -
Nick Ireland -

Treasurer: Karen Scheuermann/Terry Manning

Registration: Fall 2019 - 7's and 2020 15's Coaching Staff.
 Karen Scheuermann* - and
  Amy Seifert -

Fundraising:  Dine & Donate: Sue Rice
Mothers Day Flower Sale: Kim Nuelle
Winter Holiday Wreath Sale: Karen Scheuermann*

Sportswear/Apparel can be ordered online.  Items will be shipped to the purchaser directly. 

Jersey Cleaning: Jenn Musselman*  -  and Jan Battista 

Communications:    Karen Scheuermann* - 
Kelly Manning and coaching staff effective June 2019

Yearbook Program:  Kelly Manning

Year End Banquet:  Kim Nuelle and Eileen Rudisill

Tour:     Greg Karabin -
*Note: 2019 tour is parent led.

Note: an *  identifies a committee chair where we have Senior Parents. 
We are actively looking for  parents of an underclassman to join this committee and take over a 
leadership role for following year.

Shanahan Rugby Alumni Scholarship Committee
Greg & Bonnie Karabin - &
Mike Bray -
Mike Ciliberti -
Kevin Hennessey -

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