1995, 1996, 1997- Shanahan RFC  players went to CONNECTICUT for the weekend and competed in the Yale University High School Championships with teams from around the world. 

1998- Shanahan RFC players traveled across the seas to SCOTLAND, where they toured for 8 days. They finished their journey winning half their games against the talented Scottish, and establishing new friendships with the players. The trip turned out to be a great success. 

1999- Shanahan RFC players traveled to Rome, ITALY to see Pope John Paul 2 & play rugby. Shanahan played rugby and toured throughout the entire trip. Everyone had a great time!

2000- Shanahan RFC traveled to BERMUDA to compete in an international U-19 tournment.  Shanahan won the tournment beating teams from Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands and the USA.. Shanahan won the final match 17-3  beating Holy Trinity from Canada, arguably playing the best match in Shanahan history. 

2001Shanahan RFC traveled to the Cayman Islands to play in an international U-19 tournament against
teams from Ontario, Canada and the Cayman Islands. According to reports the best part of the trip was the sail to swim with the Stingray's.

2002 - Shanahan players traveled to Scotland for matches against Peebles, Lasswade & Pennicuik RFC to improve their skill level and see the Scottish sights.  The Scots were very friendly and invited Shanahan back soon to play more rugby.

2003 - Shanahan cancelled plans for Leuven, Belgium because of the Iraq war and flew over to our Bermudian friends.  The team stayed at the Warwick Camp military barracks atop Horseshoe Bay beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda.  The team player Xavier Prep & the Bermudian U-19 national team, losing to Xavier Prep but winning against the Bermuda side.

2004 - With the snow & artic winds hammering down hard on the Shanahan pitch in January the team decided to make plans for the hot beaches & warm surf of the Cayman Islands.  Matches to be played against  Cayman teams and swimming with the Stingrays!!

2005 - Shanahan is off to a Portugal rugby tour and a religious pilgrimage to Fatima at the same time!!  The team will stay in the seaside town of Cascais and play matches on a pitch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean against the U-19 team of Cascais.

2006 -  Shanahan decided to travel to the college town of Leuven, Belgium to play the Massland RFC team and also play in an international U-19 10's tournament in the historic and medievel town of Ghent.  The team also visited Paris, Brugge and the American WW1 cemetary at Flanders Field.

2007 - Shanahan returns to the Cayman Islands for Easter. Matches were played against the Cayman U-19 National team and Toronto's Greenwood H.S. The non-rugby highlights included snorkeling with moray eels and a visit to world-famous Sting Ray City. Click for Tour Write Up

2008- Shanahan traveled to France to Caen on the Normandy coast in June for two excellent matches and history tours of the Normandy WWII beaches, museums and trips to Paris and Mount St. Michele.  click for Tour Write Up

 to play two matches.  The team stayed at Liverpool Hope University (a Catholic University) and toured Wales and the local area.  Sites of Roman cities; Welsh castles and a Beatles tour in Liverpool were the highlights.  England - Shanahan traveled to Liverpool, 2009       Click for Tour Write Up

2010 - Shanahan returned to Bermuda in June to play the Bermuda U-19 National team in two international test matches, swim in 75+ degree water, participate in Carvinal Night and traveled the island by bus and ferry ships. Once again the team stayed in the Warwick Camp military barracks atop Horseshoe Bay beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda.     Click for tour write up 

2011 - Shanahan traveled to Leuven, Belgium and played in the Ghent tournament against international competition from France, England, Belgium and Italy.  Click for tour Write Up

2012 -  Shanahan returned to the sunny beaches of the Cayman Islands and played two tough matches against our Cayman RFC friends who have been Caribbean champions for several years.  Cayman Tour Write Up

2013 - Shanahan returns for the fourth time to our friends in Bermuda to play the Bermuda U-19 team as they prepare for the Caribbean Championships this summer. The team will be in the Warrick Camp barracks directly above Horseshoe Bay beach and travel the island on bus and ferry routes.  

2014 - Team traveled back to Edinburgh Scotland the site of the original team international tour in 1998. The team played two tough matches; had a great training session with old Shanahan coach Graham Blakie, a Scotsman from Pennikuik Scotland; witnessed a professional rugby match in Glasgow Scotland and learned a new song from the movie Sunshine on Leith - "500 Miles" which was sung on the way home from the Glassgow match. Finally returning home Captain Ben Smith wore his newly acquired kilt!!

2015 - Shanahan returned to the friendship of the Cayman RFC organization and the warm waters of the Cayman Islands for two tough matches with the Cayman U-19 team.  Of course we also visited Sting Ray City on a snorkel trip to swim and touch the Sting Rays which inhabit the sand bar.  

2016 - Shanahan returned to Bermuda over Easter to play the Bermuda U-19 National team in two international test matches, swim and play rugby beach invaders, participate in Carvinal Night and traveled the island by bus and ferry ships. Once again the team stayed in the Warwick Camp military barracks atop Horseshoe Bay beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda.

2017 - The team went for the first time to Ireland the home country of assistant coach Declan Forde who arranged the tour with the help of his brother and old friends.  The team stayed in Galway and played a local top team and participated in a Easter tournament taking the Bowl Championship. The team traveled to Dublin and saw Connacht RFC play Leinster RFC in the Galway stadium.

2018 - Shanahan returned to France for the second time.  The team traveled by train from Paris to the SouthEastern coastal town Biarritz; visited Lourdes; had a traditional Basque dinner in San Sabastian, Spain; surfed in the Atlantic and had a guided tour of the immediate area before playing a match against  a very tough local team.

2019 - Tour destination TBD

1995 - Yale University
1996 - Yale University
1997 - Yale University
1998 - Sccotland
1999 - Italy
2000 - Bermuda
2001 - Cayman Islands
2002 - Scotland
2003 - Bermuda
2004 - Cayman Islands
2005 - Portugal
2006 - Belgium 
2008 - France

2012- Cayman Islands 

2013 - Bermuda

2014 - Edinburgh Scotland

2015 - Cayman Islands

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Original 1995 team started touring tradition with Yale University International tournament.
The 1998 team (below) started overseas touring with a trip to Scotland
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