Dan Caroll...8 man /1993-94 starter/ team unifier/outstanding tackler/covered the field...
(University of Scranton)
Tim Williams...1994 graduate...hooker/wing foward/1st 4 year varsity player/starter as a freshman/founding team father.
Mike Mingoni...1995 captain/played forward & back/powerful tackler and runner/3 year starter/first Shanahan flyhalf great, founding team father...helped lead Shanahan to 1st winning season...
Tim Karabin...1998 captain/2x EPRU AllStar team /flyhalf/fullback/4 year varsity/3 year starter, lead team to first 3rd place EPRU finish in 1997, team MVP 1998... 
(University of Scranton)
Chris Piskai...1998 graduate...2x team captain/4 year varsity/3 year starter/hooker/ 2x EPRU All Star, Team MVP 1997. (Loyola College, Md.)
Tom Bogusch...1998 graduate...3 year varsity/2 year starter/very powerful inside center/ EPRU All Star... (University of Scranton)
Joe Harahan... 1998 graduate...two year starter/ member 1997 team/outsatnding punter/1997 EPRU All-Star.. (West Chester U.)
Rich Avioli...1999 captain/ 8 man/wing forward/EPRU All Star/4 year varsity/ 4 year starter/Team MVP 1999. (Villanova U.)
Dan Karabin...2000 graduate...4 year starter/ 2nd row/wing forward/8 man/3x EPRU All Star/ 2x team captain.. Lead team to 2000 Bermuda U-19 tournament championship.  Best jumper and 8 man in Shanahan history through 2000.  Team MVP 2000. 
(University of Scranton)
Steve McCusker...2000 graduate...maybe all time tackeling king/never tired/team player/1999 & 2000 EPRU All Star, 2 year varsity...(West Chester University)
Bernie McGovern...2000 graduate ...2 year starter/wing/ all time leading scorer till 2001...EPRU All Star, Team MVP. (Penn State University)
Kevin Karabin... 2003 graduate ...4 year starter, 3 year EPRU All Star, two year team captain, all time high point scorer (114) through 2002.  Lead team to two consecutive 3rd place finishes in EPRU play as captain.  All time kicking scorer with 104 points in 2002.  Team MVP 2003.  Best team field "general" in team history. 
(University of Scranton)
Mike Mattioni - 2003 graduate....3 year varsity, 3 time EPRU All Star, team captain & lead team to 3rd place EPRU finish in 2002.  Team MVP 2003. (Penn State University)
Mike Swanick - 2004 graduate ...4 year varsity, 3 time EPRU All Star, team co-captain, lead team to 1st place finish EPRU D1 tournament.  Team MVP 2004. (West Chester University)
Steve Hurley - 2004 graduate...3 year varsity, 2 time EPRU All Star, team captain, outstanding field leader, lead team to 1st place D1 tournament. (Penn State University)
Mike Kelly - 2004 graduate...3 year varsity, 2 time EPRU All Star, fastest wing in Shanahan history. (Villanova University)
Charlie Hennessy - 2005 graduate... 3 year varsity, 2 time EPRU All Star, Co-Captain 2005, one of all time best  hookers, 2nd only to Chris Piskai '98, excellent team leader.  (University of Scranton)
Joseph Burg - 2005 graduate...2 year varsity, 2 time EPRU All Star, MVP 2005, one of best tacklers in team history.  "Really wanted to go to University of Scranton"???? (Penn State University)
Mike Barbera - 2005 graduate...3 year varsity, 2 time EPRU All Star, 2005 Co-Captain, outstanding Wing Forward & team leader.  Dusquene University.
Chris Ponto - 2006 graduate...4 year varsity...3 year starter...alltime high point scorer through 2006...3 time EPRU All Star...2006 Co-Captain...2006 Co-MVP...Flyhalf on EPRU Tournament Championship Win 2004 
Kutztown U. (to play soccer)
Mark Hurley - 2006 graduate...3 year varsity...3 year starter...3 time EPRU All Star...2006 Co-Captain...2006 Co-MVP
Penn State University
Patrick McKie - 2006 graduate...3 year varsity/2 year starter/2 year EPRU All Star. One of the best all around field players in team history. Prop/Flanker...Team leader. St. Joseph University
Brian Oteri - 2006 graduate...2 year varsity/2 year starter/2 year EPRU All Star.  Brian achieved this recognition for being able to play numerous backline positions, including #10, to help carry the team through a winning season.  Team Leader through inspiritional play...Penn State University
Minimum Requirements of    Hall of Fame
*2 plus year starter on A side
*EPRU All-Star team
*Major contributor to team unity
*Major factor in season wins
*Major factor in team leadership 
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