The Bishop Shanahan Rugby Team was organized in March 1993, by Coach Greg Karabin and Russ McBride for boys looking for a physical contact sport that required intelligence, discipline, physical conditioning, and teamwork.....but was also fun to play. Fifteen young men banded together on the field provided by Msgr. Robert McManus of St. Joseph's Parish in Downingtown, Pa and began practicing and playing matches. The first year saw a record of eight losses and only one win, but the program grew and attracted more players to an average of forty-six per year in 1999, 2000 & 2001. The 2002-'04 seasons  provided over 50 boys the opportunity to play rugby for their school & in 2005 the team grew to over 70 players.  In the 2005 season Shanahan introduced two full teams playing in Division1 & Division 3 and this practice continues till today with the addition of a 9th grade schedule as well.. 
Since 1993, over 500 Shanahan boys have played rugby for Bishop Shanahan High School.  Bishop Shanahan Rugby has improved in level of play with Shanahan teams of a winning tradition continues today. 

1993  -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 1- 8   --  Captain(s):  Bill Myles  -- MVP(s):  N/A -- 
All Stars: N/A
Accomplishments:  First Year of Play
1994  -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 1- 5   --  Captain(s):  Mike Houser  -- MVP(s):  Mike Houser  
All Stars: N/A
Accomplishments:  Grew team to 20+ players
1995 -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 6-3   --  Captain(s): Mike Minjoni  --  MVP:  Mike Minjoni 
All Stars
Accomplishments: Participated in Yale H.S.Tournament
1996 -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 2-8   --  Captain(s): Jeff Plourde, Geoff Karabin  --  MVP(s): Geoff Karabin; John McGovern   --  
All Stars:
Accomplishments: Participated in Yale H.S.Tournament
1997  -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 11-1   --  Captain(s): Chris Piskai  --  MVP: Chris Piskai  --  
EPRU All Stars  Chris Piskai (hooker), Tim Karabin (flyhalf), Tom Bogusch (center), Joe Harrahan (fcenter).
Accomplishments: Chester County League Champions; Ranked 3rd in EPRU; Participated in Yale HS Tourn.
1998 -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 10-2   --  Captain(s): Chris Piskai, Tim Karabin  --  MVP: Tim Karabin  --  
EPRU All Stars: Tim Karabin (flyhalf), Chris Piskai (hooker), Tom Bogusch (inside center), Joe Harrahan (fullback)
Accomplishments: Chester County League and Tournament Champions; Ranked 5th in EPRU; Played in Scotland
1999  -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 9-4   --  Captain(s): Rich Avioli, Daniel Karabin  -- MVP: Rich Avioli  --  
EPRU All Stars: Rich Avioli (wing forward), Dan Karabin (8 man), Steve McCusker (2nd row), Dave Wilson (flyhalf), Ryan Modugno (fullback)
Accomplishments: Chester County League and Tournament Champions; Ranked fifth in EPRU (Div I); Only high school in Division I (divisions new in '99); Played two matches in Rome, Italy.
2000  -  Schedule  | Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 10-5-1   --  Captain(s): Daniel Karabin, Dave Wilson  -- MVP(s): Daniel Karabin, Bern McGovern  --  
EPRU All Stars: Dan Karabin (8man), Steve McCusker (WF), Dave Wilson (flyhalf), Jeff Friel (fullback), Sean McDade, Anthony Mattioni
Accomplishments: Chester County League and Tournment Champions, Bermuda U-19 Tournment Champions, Ranked 7th in EPRU Div 1 - Seasonal play.
2001  -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record:   5-6-1  --  Captain(s): John McLaughlin, Anthony Mattioni  -- MVP(s): Anthony Mattioni, Eamon Cantwell  --  
EPRU All Stars: Anthony Mattioni (hooker), Jonathan McLaughlin (WF), Kevin Karabin (flyhalf), Mike Mattioni (scrum half), Eamon Cantwell (prop).
Accomplishments: 2nd place Chester County Tournament; Toured Cayman Islands - 1-2 record vs Cayman & Ontario select sides
2002 -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record: 19-2-1   --  Captain(s): Dan Reilly, Jon McLaughlin, Kevin Karabin  --  MVP: Jon McLaughlin  --
EPRU All Stars: Dan Reilly (prop), Jonathan McLaughlin (WF), Kevin Karabin (flyhalf), Mike Mattioni (scrum half), Mike Swanick (center), Jon Morin (center).
Accomplishments: 3rd Place EPRU tournament; Won Chester County Rugby League;Won Chester County Invitational; Won Catholic Invitational Championship; Toured in Scotland
2003  -  Schedule  |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List
Record:  15-2  --  Captain(s): Kevin Karabin, Michael Mattioni  --  MVP(s): Kevin Karabin, Michael Mattioni  --
EPRU All Stars: Kevin Karabin (flyhalf), Mike Mattioni (scrum half), Mike Swanick (center), Joe Piskai (WF), Rick Menna (prop), Steve Hurley (8man).
Accomplishments: 3rd Place EPRU tournament; Won Chester County Rugby League;Won Chester County Invitational; Won Catholic Invitational Championship; Bermuda U-19 Tournment Champions
2004  -  Schedule |  Results  |  Pictures  |  Roster List   2004 EPRU Championships Pictures
Record:  16-1--  Captain(s): Steve Hurley, Mike Swanick  -- MVP: Mike Swanick...Coaches Award: Mike Kelly
EPRU All Stars: Mike Swanick (cecnter), Mike Kelly(wing), Chris Ponto(flyhalf), 
Accomplishments: 1st Place D1 Tournmanent...1st Place Chester County Rugby League, Chester County Invitational & Catholic Invitational
2005 - Schedule... Results...Pictures...Roster List
Record: 15-2   - Captain(s) : Mike Barbera & Charlie Hennessy   MVP: Joe Burg... Coaches Award: Mark Schaeffer
EPRU All Stars: Charlie Hennessy, Mike Barbera, Joe Burg, Chris Ponto, Brian Kennedy, Mark Hurley, Mark Schaeffer, Bryan Oteri
Accomplishments: 1st Place D1 regular season finish (6-1); 3rd Place D1 Tournament; 1st Place Chester County Rugby League, Chester County Invitational Tournament & Catholic invitational Tournament.
2006 - Schedule   Results  | Pictures  Roster list
Record: 10-1-3    - Captain(s): Chris Ponto & Mark Hurley.  MVP(s)- Chris Ponto & Mark Hurley
EPRU All Stars: Chris Ponto, Mark Hurley, Bryan Oteri, Patrick McKee, 
Accomplishments: 3rd Place regular season play D1; 4th place EPRU D1 tournament; Chester County Rugby League Champions; Catholic Invitational Champions; Chester County Invitational Champions & 2nd Place Ghent International Tournament.
2007-    Schedule Results      Pictures       Roster List
Record: 10-5     Captains-  Andrew McLean, Justin Uy & Zac Guidone. 
MVP- Rick Stolnis   Coaches Award: Max Husband & Greg Orlowski
Officers: Greg Orlowski (Morality officer), Bill Thomas, Rick Stolnis & Max Husband
EPRU All Stars: Zac Guidone, Max Husband, Andrew MacLean, Rick Stolnis, Bill Thomas, Justin Uy, Justin Zeh
2008-  Schedule & Results        Articles from Game Day      Pictures       Roster List
Record: 10-5     Captains-  Jacques Indekeu and Justin Zeh
MVP- Justin Zeh   
Coaches Award: Andrew Salvitti 
MVP District Tournament: Andrew Salvitti
EPRU All Stars: Justin Zeh, Gavin Waring, Ben Green, Andrew Salvitti, Brendan Reif,
Jay McElvenny, Dan Flynn, Michael Hoertz, Zac Barbera and Pat Wert

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CHESTER COUNTY RUGBY LEAGUE CHAMPIONS  -   1997, '98, '99, 2000, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '09 
CATHOLIC INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONS  -                         2002, '03, '04, '05, '06, '09                                            
EPRU Division 1 Champion -                                                  2004, 2011
EPRU Brandywine District D1 and D2 Champions -                  2009  
Bermuda Tournament Champions -                                       2000                                              

Pennsylvania State Championship Tournament - 3rd place 2010, 2011, 2012                             
EPRU Division 1 - 1st place finish  2005 regular season
EPRU Division 1 Tournament - 3rd place - 1997, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010   
Ghent (Belgium) Easter Tournament - 2nd place - 2006, 3rd place 2011

EPRU 2011 All Stars - Matt Liebel, Alan Synder, Paul Nies, TJ Seifert; Ryan Kenna; Brian Gale, Zorro Zepka, Joe Sweeney and Patrick Esberg    
MVP - Matt Liebel & Alan Snyder                     Coaches Award - Nick Milanese    Gazzelle Award -Paul Nies                       
Honorable Mention -  Scott Seifert, Joe Brugger